Our Managed WordPress Hosting let's you stop worrying about your WordPress website security, updates gone wrong and error codes. We take care of ensuring that your website loads quickly. We also include daily backups, security scans and uptime monitoring so you never have to worry about your website being hacked.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting Includes:

Managed Hosting
Daily Backups
Theme Updates
Security Scans
Wordpress Updates
Plugin Updates
SSL Certificate
Uptime Monitoring

Managed WordPress hosting providers should be able to provide you with a better level of service when compared to shared hosting. Most bloggers are technical enough to install WordPress themselves, but these specialty hosting providers do have some positives going for them compared to shared hosts. Two aspects that you should consider with any hosting provider is the amount the bandwidth and how much storage space you get. When you use shared hosting, it's always a good idea to make sure they're giving you a lot of bandwidth and storage for your needs. Without enough storage space, your videos and photos will soon exhaust your storage allocation.

The best hosting for WordPress also takes security into account. WordPress is prone to targeting by hackers and spammers. WordPress is an open source platform, which makes it relatively easy for nefarious folk to find backdoors into your WordPress site. A WordPress site can go down because of hackers hacking into the blog or doing targeted takedowns of outdated versions of your CMS. Security is one of the reasons why you want to stick with the best hosting for WordPress. Should you ever get hacked, you want to make sure your WordPress host is performing nightly backups for your site. A good backup strategy helps to protect you from hackers and spammers. You'll sleep much better with a managed host knowing that workers are on staff around the clock patching known vulnerabilities.

A managed WordPress hosting provider will also give you a content delivery network, also known as a CDN. They might partner with Amazon to be able to deliver your content more quickly to your site's visitors. You've probably suffered through the buffering problems that plague some sites that try to serve video. With a specialty host providing you a CDN, these problems vanish. Not everyone will be visiting your site with a good Internet connection. In cases like these, a good CDN can make your visitors happy to consume your videos as well as your photos. If you're looking for the best hosting for WordPress, then a managed WordPress host is going to make your life much easier. You want to run your blog in a manner that makes you confident that you can create content without having to worry about site downtime. You want to be focusing on developing your site, not on security and that hackers have ruined your hard work.