SSL Certificates Now Free Through Gurnee Web Design Agency

What is an SSL?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate ensures that your computer has a secure connection to the website server. They are most commonly known for the secure “lock” icon that appears in your browser like in the image below. They also change “HTTP” to “HTTPS”, with “S” representing “Secure”.

AdeptPlus HTTPS SSL Website

How does an SSL affect me?

There are two major implications that the lack of an SSL will have on your website: internet browsers will show your website is unsecure and your SEO (search engine optimization) will not be favored.

Google Chrome and Firefox browsers have already started to show warnings that the website you are visiting is not secure (see image below). Some browsers even show a popup box notifying you of this connection. Internet browsers will continue to push SSL Certificates more heavily in 2017.

An SSL Certificate is critical for your SEO

Google has also announced that your SEO will be influenced by whether or not you have an SSL Certificate. While we have not seen any change in rankings (yet), Google has announced that it will be coming in 2017.

How do I get an SSL?

SSL Certificates are essential. At AdeptPlus, our “Managed Website Services” will host websites, do all software updates, security scans, daily backups and have uptime monitoring. We see this as the essential package that provides peace of mind about your website always running properly.

Today, we’ll be including free SSL Certificates for our clients on our Managed Website Services. This includes the installation and purchasing of the SSL Certificate at no additional cost.

Keeping your web marketing working properly is our priority and we see SSL Certificates as a way we can continue to better AdeptPlus.

If you are not on our Managed Website Services and plan to stay with your current provider, we can also still setup an SSL Certificate for a one time cost.

Can we give you a Free SSL Certificate?

Use the form below or call us at 847-665-3339 for more information.


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