At AdeptPlus, we use strategic digital marketing tools, such as websites and ad campaigns, to achieve results for your business.

To do that, we follow a repeatable process—the same one every time.

Make no mistake. If we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that your project will be different from any other that we’ve worked on.

But by doing the same kinds of work on your project, we can better assure that we’ll get you the same kinds of results.

Here’s how we’ll approach your unique challenges with our tried-and-true process.

Phase 1: Strategy and planning

In a series of meetings we’ll learn more about your company and your audience. We’ll dive into what you do, and how you do it differently from your competition. And we’ll start to plan what the project could look like. What kind of a website do you need? What are the goals you’re hoping to achieve with the new site? Do you need content? Do you need marketing support? All of those decisions start to take shape here.

Phase 2: Design and content

When we’ve agreed on the size and shape of your project, we’ll get to work on what the site will look like and what it’s going to say. And here we’ll likely recommend some professional help with your content; it can be harder than you think to get it all together, but fortunately we have resources to help.

Phase 3: Development and testing

Once you’ve signed off on the design and have your content ready, we’ll start building your site so that it looks good on any computer or phone, and we’ll begin making plans for any other tactics (like digital advertising) that we’ve agreed on. And when the development phase is complete, we’ll test extensively to minimize the chance of unwanted surprises when we launch.

Phase 4: Post-launch

The work doesn’t stop when the site is launched. For starters, you’ll have a 30-day guarantee period in which you’ll have a chance to closely review your site. If you find mistakes, we’ll fix them free of charge. But more than just the website, if we’ve made plans to run digital marketing campaigns or do other ongoing work, we’ll get started on those in this phase.

Phase 5: Review

Finally, after an agreed-upon period of time (30 days, 3 months, 6 months, or similar) we’ll get together to review how everything is working and make plans accordingly. You may have been left to “fend for yourself” on the Web with other agencies, but not with AdeptPlus; we’re with you every step of the way, including long after you’ve launched your site.